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installation, running and maintenance

1.Special Notice
The case of fan and motor must be stay on land stability! Forbid to running fans in negative direction and at the situation of lack-phase! Don¡¯t maintain the running fans!

1. Requirements
1£©Inspect every parts of fan carefully, to confirm whether the right specification and type of fan, whether the impeller is in the right direction as requirement and whether all  dimensions are the same as drawings. install fans as drawings£¬and make sure that there is enough room between impeller and air-duct.
2) Rotate impeller by any tools ,ensure impeller have no friction.Before running fan ,should check the bolts are fastening and the wiring is correct .
3) Outdoor fans should be protecting by canopy! Prevent lay up fans in open-air.

2. Installation Instructions
1) The fans should be installed smoothly, should be add the plate to keep the fan stable! Special attention to lifting the impeller and other rotating components not to be bumped.
2) Installation of high temperature fans, should  filled with silicate cotton around the Insulation box, fans shall be laid up perpendicular to the spindle.
3) Ensure that the fan casing body no garbage, debris, etc.
4) The fan casing connected with the duct, first Locating Pins for temporary fixation, and then tightens all bolts. If the fan diameter ¡İ 800mm or tip speed ¡İ 80m / s, you should install the damper, and damper should install horizontal and tsightly. Prohibit the weight of pipe added to the fan¡¯s casing¡£When the duct turn, the distance from fan position to turning is should be more than 2 times of the impeller diameter.
5)Connected to earthing protection of the line under the motor mounting, when motor wiring is complete, prevent dust and water vapor into the junction box. Tighten all wire connections bolts to prevent the thermal resistance is too high and cause the cord to overheat.
6 £©Fan needs a solid foundation. Pay more attention to the strength of hanging and hook and the support on the wall, when install the fan horizontally.

3.Starting and running

1£©Voltage is within the normal range (for 380V, tolerance error of ¡À 5%), three-phase current is normal.                        2) No sundries in fan¡¯s casing amid duct.    3) The right direction of rotation of impeller.   4£©Actual speed matches the rated speed.    5) Motor protective earth wire and current protection (fuse) are installed as requirement.
After all above, fan could be run.
When running with severe vibration, should power off and check the fan immediately.
When current is overload, the possible reason is that the actual resistance of the system is greater than the design resistance or surge behavior.
Need to stop and check bolts are loose or not after the fan running for 10-30 minutes.
The second is to always check the temperature of motor¡¯s bearing and vibration is normal, as well as the presence or absence of friction, collision and other abnormal sound.
In case of the following conditions should be immediately stopped to check or repair: current sudden rise exceeds the specified value, the severe vibration or grazing sound, temperature of motor bearing is rising rapidly.

4.Maintenance and Repair

In order to avoid accident of improper maintenance were caused by human¡¯s error, the performance of the equipment were play fully, extend the life of equipment, we must strengthen the maintenance of the fan.
1) Only in the case of completely normal fan equipment can be used.  
2) Fan startup after maintenance, should pay attention to that the various components of the fan is normal. Regularly check loose parts, for example, coupling, cooling wind leaf, the impeller fixing nut.    
3) Need to be cleaned regularly volute and impeller fouling the, dirt impurities such, prevent corrosion, deformation, balanced lapsed.   
4) Ensure that the motor current stable ,surface temperature ¡Ü40¡æ, wire connection reliable and secure, prevent lack of phase.   
5) Bearing regular replacement of specified grease. For example, high temperature fan to be periodically (usually every 30-40 days) inject 7019-1 (2) extreme pressure lithium complex grease, cleaning on a regular basis (one year), replaced.    
6) Water-cooled motor pass water before you can use, water need to ensure smooth and clean, water pressure ¡İ 3Kg. Stop using water pipes should be drained to prevent rust, and special attention to prevent the low temperatures damage water-cooled motor.    
7) Fan deactivate for more than one year to be re-used, should check whether the motor becomes wet, water-cooled motor whether water leakage, otherwise machine should sent to factory repair.   
8) After one year of use, the high temperature fan should calibrate the impeller balanced and spindle curvature.    
9) Ensure personal safety£¬stopped after the maintenance.