Faults and reasons
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Fan malfunction in the course, it is timely to identify the reasons, targeted to find out where the fault lies, reasonable repair and exclude, to avoid damage and safety incidents.

1. Fan vibration is too large

1) The impeller is excessive dust, overdose dirt, corrosion or wear and tear caused by balance lapsed.    
2) The impeller and the volute or duct contact deformation.    
3) Loose rivets connecting the impeller, flanges and shaft fastening nut loose.     
4) Rotors (impeller, shaft) over temperature deform.    
5) Installed base is damaged, or contact surface stiffness weak and loose.    
6) Shaft and the motor shaft concentricity is not enough or the couplings bolts are is loose.  
7) The deform of the air duct, resulting in unstable operation of the fan, resulting in resonant.   
8) Motor, access plate, axle-bearing mounting bolts is loose.    
9) The motor tail wind leaf or spindle cooling impeller loose.   
10Fan bearing damage.

2. The bearing temperature is too high
1) Rotating body balanced lapsed, vibration caused by heat.    
2) Bearings injected non-designated grease or oil poor quality, metamorphism, excessive filling, containing dust, sticky sand, dirt, etc.    
3) The fan excessive resistance or three-phase imbalance or low voltage caused by overheating of the motor.   
4) Bearing the cover fastening too tight or too loose.    
5) Two bearings or couplings different mind.    
6Bearing damage

3. The motor current is too large
1) Pipe resistance is too large or media density is too large.    
2) The motor input voltage is too low or the power phase powered down.    
3) Severe vibration.    
4) Motor wiring error.

4. Starter switch tripping
1) The impeller reversion.    
2) Switch capacity with small or thermal protector rated value set unreasonable.    
3) Overload cause starting current is too large (recommended reduced voltage starting or off a small inlet control valve).    
4) The incoming line poor contact or same phase caused by lack of, control circuit performance is not good.    
5) Power capacity is insufficient, low voltage, wire leakage, binding posts generate heat wire break.    
6) Motor wiring error, the Y connection connected into connection (under normal circumstances, 3Kw the Y connection, 4Kw connection).